£50m… What!


With the transfer window open and the curtains fully drawn wide we are seeong astronomical prices quoted for this season’s “best” performers.

As Liverpool reject a £40m bid for, in their eyes a £50m player, and with Harry Kane being the subject of speculation, as it is rumored Man Utd aim to make a £40m bid,  no wonder some may feel that British players come overpriced.

I’m sure you all remember Andy Carroll, the most expensive British player to be signed by a British club at £35m and arguably the most expensive flop, who in the end was offloaded to West Ham for a comparatively meager £15m.

Now take England’s under 21, one of the favourites to do well in the tournament, after impressing in the qualifiers. Having suffered a 1-0 defeat to Portugal in their opening game, they now rely on winning their next game against Sweden, who have impressed so far. Sweden’s left-back remarked that British player’s are worth too much, but is this the price British players pay, or clubs pay for being the nation’s top talent? Yes.

Unfortunately this brings with it added pressure, yes the media are to blame, but could this overpricing of the next generation of England hopefuls point to the lack of talent coming through the system. In the Premier League its not often we come across quality British young players, and when we do they’re immediately asked to perform as though they’d been at that level at least 5/6 years.

The point is we put pressure on our own players then moan when they don’t perform, and no doubt this will continue for the foreseeable future.