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Rooney who?

Having spent a surprisingly sunny Sunday afternoon watching the England match, one of my friends commented would England have done better if we gave strikers like Defoe the same recognition and hype we give to players like Wayne Rooney? Defoe is undoubtedly goal poacher, and his hard working attitude and goal scoring record make a valid case for a regular position in England’s attack.

Defoe’s current England stats leave much to the imagination, when compared with Rooney’s. But if we take both players’ statistics and held them up together, many of us will be thinking what if?

First of all, Defoe has only played 1,346 minutes of international competitive football, scoring 13 times in the process. On the other hand, Rooney has played 5,877 minutes, scoring 39 times. Having played considerably less time, Defoe has averaged a goal every 106 minutes, compared to Rooney, who on average, has scored every 151 minutes.

On these figures, you can’t help but think if Defoe played more often would he have a somewhat similar or even better goal scoring record than Rooney?  You never know, but judging by his performance today and his performances for Sunderland, it’s hard to argue against it.

Jermain Defoe