Tis the season to be jolly. Or not

Christmas is fast approaching and even though it’s normally a time for cheer, if your a manager it’s normally the time you start to pull out your hair or you realise the bags under your eyes have grown excessively.

If you’re an Aston Villa fan the news of Sherwood’s sacking may have been sweet joy to your ears, and now you can try and patch up the wound left by boring football. If you’re Chelsea fan, I’m guessing your head is sore from all that scratching. We’re all lost for words on with last years champions, and with all that’s gone on we are wondering how long will Jose last and can he actually turn things around? I’ll leave you to answer that question for managers at the bottom of the table it can be a time to review the cv, spruce it up, as they might find themselves without a club come Christmas.

No doubt it’s stressfull, but that’s what makes it entertaining, unless your a villa fan of course. But there is no doubt that managers feel it the worst. 

Rarely do we feel sorry for them, it’s a hard  job in reality, but to us we all think we can do it. Rather than worry about keeping your team up, is normal folk are debating where we are going to sit at the table during Christmas dinner, and which film will be the best to watch as we recover from the feast. But just try to remember the ones who didn’t last. 

Tim Sherwood was sacked but he’ll never be forgotten, even if he does look like a PE teacher.