Why English Football is great

With today’s triumphs of lower league clubs over top flight football teams, there is no doubt that English football is the best in the world. From extravagant managers to fist pumping fans, English football never fails to surprise spectators.

When we talk about English football we mean all the divisions- from the Premier league right down to the grittiness of the Conference. Unlike Spain, France and Germany, where a select few teams are expected to dominate the league, English football always seems to add a little fuel to the fire. It’s dynamic, far from the finesse of the Spanish league or the regimented style of the German league. English football is ambiguous, lower league teams have a go, and try and challenge the big kid in the playground. When you go to a game you can expect not to be subdued by anticipation of a defeat.

It’s obvious that English football is a gem in terms of branding, hence the reason why so many countries televise the Premier league. It seems as if fans of English football have a bit more access to the emotions and behind the scene antics of each club. From Arsne Wenger’s push on Mourinho, to players of the pitch behaviour becoming the topic of chants in stadiums. As much goes on off the pitch as it does on the pitch.

So when you buy a season ticket or pay for your Sky Sports package you’re really playing for a bird’s eye view of English Football. We as fans feel the emotion and the rough and tumble included in English football.

This is the reason why the premier league is so lucrative. We hope it never dies.



Rape, Racism and the F.A

With the latest news of the infamous Ched Evans returning to training at his former club Sheffield United it seems there is a common theme occurring in football, being the F.A’s inability to act on issues appropriately but instead awarding it miscreants little slap on the wrist.

News surfaced early on in the week that the Blades had allowed former striker Ched Evans to train after being convicted of rape and serving a two and half year sentence. However it seems like the F.A has decided to take a back seat on this ride, and unable to take a moral stand. For the brand of English football it’s important that someone within the F.A organisation starts cracking the whip!

It wasn’t long ago when Jose Mourinho was accused him of being “out of touch” with regards to racism in modern day football, claiming “There is no racism in football”. However his colleague may fail to agree. Having been a coach within the Chelsea’s locker room for a number of years and having a champions league title under his belt some may question why Eddie Newton hasn’t been given the reins at a professional league club.

Maybe it’s because he’s black? I don’t know but the decision of the F.A to only just start chirping about an equivalent Rooney rule has shown the sluggish pace the F.A continues to move at.

However the stories surrounding gender and sexism still seem to re-surface, becoming a problem that involves all. When the video of Micah Richards and co was passed to News of the world, aired for the world to see, I failed to see the F.A take a stance and deem the behaviour as inconceivable. Similarly being the case with Ched Evans, both of whom have used their position to stupid effect. I know Micah Richards case is different, but it is evidence of an immature and sexist culture that exists within English football – a culture that the F.A has failed to oust.

Where is the crisis management?

I think it’s time to tighten up the F.A imagine if the NHS failed to make important decisions abruptly we’d all be waving our arms and I’m sure Mr Cameron would come out with a speech; English football fails to acknowledge that.

It is definitely time for a change.

The F.A

Ched Evans


From fancy cars to penniless jars – the dark side of football

From rags to riches then riches to rags former England international David James has become latest footballer to squander his fortunes. Boasting an impressive career his CV boasts teams such as Liverpool, Man City and Aston Villa – even managing to pick up 44 caps at international level.

James declared himself bankrupt in May of this year becoming another name on the list of top flight footballers who have managed to squander their fortunes. He joins the likes of Keith Gillespie, Eric Djemba Djemba and Lee Hendrie who have all declared bankruptcy despite earning huge amounts of money a week. It’s hard to see how footballers fall on such hard times but it seems as if financial trouble is a problem that all footballers could face if they’re not smart.

For most football is considered the beautiful game however on the opposite end of the scale sit former players that’ve been spat out by Football just when they thought nothing could go wrong. Peter Kelsey a financial adviser for the wealthy says he often has to tell his clients the importance of financial planning. Football is a short lived career and for the majority of professional footballers it lasts for 10-16 years giving them borrowed time to earn their millions.

Football is a cruel mistress, adoring you during your peak and throwing you out during the end of your career however, there are a number of retired players who tend to fall on their feet like Carragher, Owen and Neville.

So next time you go to a game, and your caught up in the excitement, spare a second for those who’ve fell on hard times in. Football is still definitely the beautiful game but as bystanders we’re so engulfed in razmattaz of the Premier League that we fail to acknowledge the victims of the “beautiful game”.