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Kai’s definitely not feeling Greene

Kai Greene

Kai Greene

To those bodybuilding enthusiasts who scroll through YouTube to find a video which will give them advice for tomorrow’s gym session, I am guessing you will have heard the news about Kai Greene’s inability to compete in the 2015 Olympia. The news came as a shock but it underlines something more alarming for the sport.

What was once an almost ‘free for all’, and by that I mean ANYONE who put the hard and drilled work in to get a physique like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler or Phil Heath could arguably be a bodybuilder dependent on them qualifying. Now, it seems as if the large injection of money has given the sport somewhat of a top down hierarchy.

In his video, Kai is brought to tears but face it, he’s never been one to hide his emotions. His video does show his anguish. Having dedicated around 25 years of his life to bodybuilding it’s no surprise that that he was upset when told he wouldn’t be competing. Stated by some as the #2 in bodybuilding behind Phil Heath, the Olympia is certain to miss something that only Kai Greene can bring.

In light of this his message was simple. Behind all the words and the politics of not being able to say what was really going on, was his urgency and decision to keep on going.  Although it may been a devastating blow to not be competing in the Olympia, for Kai Greene bodybuilding is much more the Olympia.

Bodybuilding has had a massive resurgence in the last five to ten years, and with has come all the money that for some will have made the sport unattractive. For enthusiasts that are upset, the thing to concentrate on is the raw love for the art of bodybuilding not for all the money, fame and trophies.

Bodybuilding should be something personal and for most it is, but it seems the object of money has diluted the sport making it shallow and elitist.

Phil Heath and Kai Greene

Phil Heath and Kai Greene


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