Loan signings are the payday loans of Football

On the front of it a loan may seem amazing.  Bring in a player, don’t spend too much, no need to bother with huge fees and on the surface they seem to be a convenience.

When we take a look at the clubs lower down the pecking order – clubs that can’t afford astronomical fees they seem more likely to loan players. However in the hope that these loans might be successful, the joy is short lived.

If a player performs well on loan, there is no doubt that his parent club will take him back and refuse to sell the player even though they contemplated letting him go in the first instance.

Take Joe Hart, at Birmingham City he became a fan favourite and really made a name for himself. However, if you were to ask a city fan how did Hart make his name I bet they’d disregard the spectacular season he had at Blues.

On the other hand if a loanee fails to impress at the club, the team have basically wasted there fees on paying for a player whom they hoped would help but didn’t and we’re all left looking at the ground.

Its fair to say loans definitely leave clubs feeling shafted, as if they’ve been robbed. It is however a cycle; small clubs will continue to loan just to survive another year in their division and fall into the trap. Don’t do it!!


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